Lights Camera Action – A Reality Show for Actors

LCA Reality welcomes: CANDICE KOZIOL and TIANNA NORI. Click on Contestants to find out more about them.

Lights Camera Action, a reality show for selecting actors, produced by Kamra On Productions is about to begin auditions.

Lights Camera Action aims to show case Non-Union Talent (18 years and above of age). New and Seasoned Actors will be given an opportunity to Show the World what they have been missing.

Union Talent enjoy the support of the best of agents and their union. It's time for someone to showcase the Non-Union Talent and give them the opportunity they deserve!

Lights Camera Action is not a show for the Coy and Shy!

If you think you have it, then this show will help you prove it. The Panel of Judges will weed the Winners down to the Best. Winners will be awarded a package that will give them all the tools to start and stay in the Entertainment World. They will get the opportunity to be a part of a dynamic Television pilot.

Are you really an actor looking for a chance, or are you just talk? Join "Lights Camera Action" as we show the industry decision makers what they have been missing. Watch this space for the Audition Schedule.

Eligibility for Auditions:

  • All contestants must be 18 yrs or older
  • All contestants must reside in Canada
  • All contestants must be Non-Union

Our Mission Statement

We can all relate to a time when people would not open doors for us. The passion for opening up the gates for new talent in Toronto/Canada begins with Lights Camera Action.

The doors are open and we will be inviting the world to watch, as we allow the unseen talent to be seen on their own terms:

  • There will be no Casting Director to say “No”
  • There will be no Agent to say “No”
  • And finally there will be no Union to say “Union Only”
  • This will be for Non-Union Talent only

If we add new blood to our Canadian industry... starting with Actors... it may add new blood to the industry as a whole! WOW we might develop better Canadian Television ! What a concept!!!

This is where my expertise for finding new talent meets with the ultimate challenge.

Bring it On Canada!

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Audition Update


Candice Koziol has won the role of our 3rd Judge and the Judges' panel is now complete!

We would also like to express our excitement for Tianna Nori, who will be joining us as the host of the show!

A huge thank you to everyone who auditioned for the third judge - you've given the show a wonderful energy and participated in giving it an incredible beginning.

To every Canadian Non-union Actor (new or seasoned).... we're coming for YOU next!

Stay tuned to our website (or connect with us on Facebook and Twitter) for the official audition dates as we move throughout the 2010/2011 year.

Our first webisode will be airing soon from the website! Look under "Webisodes" to enjoy!

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